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Team of Lawyers in Hamilton and Cambridge

At Lewis Lawyers in Hamilton and Cambridge, we take pride in the strength of our people. Our legal professionals embody diverse expertise, empathy, and a personalised approach. Specialising in Commercial Business Law, Property Lawyers, Property Development Law, Residential Property Law, Local Government Law, Trusts Law, Succession Planning, Will and Estates, Rural, Employment Law, Family Law, Elder Law, and Dispute Resolution. We ensure tailored solutions for every legal challenge. Fostering an environment where collaboration, honesty, and flexibility thrive, we navigate intricate legal landscapes with precision and care.

At Lewis Lawyers, our core values drive interactions within our cohesive team and with our clients. Founded in 1906, our enduring legacy in the Waikato region speaks volumes about our commitment to enduring relationships within our staff, clients, and the wider community. Our diverse and committed professionals reflect these values, offering exceptional legal counsel and personalised guidance through every legal matter. Discover the individuals shaping our legacy and experience the strength of Lewis Lawyers Cambridge and Hamilton’s legal team.

Meet our full team below.

Simon Makgill
Lesley Nielsen
Registered Legal Executive; Associate
Fiona Ferrier
Registered Legal Executive; Associate
Donna Lee
Senior Solicitor
Georgia Casey
Senior Solicitor
Joanne Jogia
Senior Solicitor
Dayna Dustan
Senior Solicitor
CJ Lee
Leanne Wood
Registered Legal Executive
Kaitlyn Thompson
Registered Legal Executive
Kendal Rea
Registered Legal Executive
Tui-Emma Tyler
Practice Manager
Simon McVie
General Manager