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We’ve Split Up.  Now What? – Part 2

The first installment of my article “We’ve Split Up.  Now What?” covered how property is divided in a separation. Part 2 below discusses parenting in separation and what you should know to protect your assets before entering a new relationship.  What to do about the kids Sorting out childcare arrangements can be overwhelming and frustrating- … Read more >

Shareholder Agreements: Mitigating Risk, Maximising Success

How does a shareholder’s agreement promote success in business? When it comes to business in New Zealand, laying down a solid foundation is paramount for longevity and success. The excitement and rush of getting into business often diverts your  attention from important documentation necessary to regulate relationships, collective management of the business and most especially … Read more >

We’ve Split Up. Now What?

Your checklist to navigating division of relationship property and the reasons it’s done this way. Dayna Dustan After what may (or may not) have been an ongoing debate on whether to separate, you and your partner have decided to pull the trigger. But what comes next? How are things split up? Step 1: Figure out … Read more >

Spousal Maintenance: like Child Support but for Adults

1.      Back in the day, deserting your spouse was more common than divorce. As a result, many spouses were left to fend for themselves. This made it necessary for the abandoned spouse to apply to the Court for orders that their spouse provide financial support. If an order for financial support was made by the … Read more >