Trusts remain an essential vehicle to effectively structure your assets for family and business requirements and for succession planning. However, with the entry into force of the Trusts Act 2019 and amendments to taxation legislation, the disclosure and reporting obligations have increased significantly, and there is a higher risk of challenges to trusts and trustees by beneficiaries and third parties. 

Our Trusts team has a strong reputation in the field and draws on its broad experience across commercial, property law, trusts, family and tax to ensure our clients’ assets are well protected.  

We bring a practical, commercial and personalised approach to Trust issues, offering a comprehensive and broad Trusts practice, including:  

  • Succession and inheritance planning 
  • Trustee disclosure and other responsibilities under the Trusts Act 2019 
  • Navigating family and relationship complexities  
  • Risk minimisation 
  • Creditor risk 
  • Variations, resettlements, and wind ups.  
  • Independent trusteeship  

We are very comfortable sitting down with clients to review their Trusts, to ensure that they are fit for purpose, or can be made so with some variation. With our clients, we reflect on the pros and cons of having a Trust, given their unique personal situations and the ever-evolving legislative landscape. 

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