Hospice Waikato – Free Will month

In support of the incredible services that Hospice Waikato provide, Lewis Lawyers are providing their services by being part of Hospice Waikato’s Free Wills Month in September 2023. For the month of September those that wish to make a simple will or amend a current simple will can do this for free. First you need … Read more >

Top Ten Tips for Saving Your Family From Legal Disputes: Part 2

The first installment of Ten Tips for Saving your Family from Legal Disputes ended on a light-hearted note about a very serious matter – Kayne West and his sage advice to get a pre-nuptial agreement.  Here are our five final tips gleaned from many years of assisting clients through family disputes. Should you need advice … Read more >

Top Ten Tips for Saving Your Family From Legal Disputes: Part 1

Lewis Lawyers has had the privilege of serving the Cambridge community for over 100 years.  Over that time, we have developed a wealth of knowledge about how best to safeguard your family and assets from unnecessary litigation.  Below are the first five of our “Top Ten Tips” that our clients who are currently going through … Read more >

The Estate of Huurdeman and the Incomplete Will

The High Court (Court) has recently released its decision in the case of Gibson which concerns an application under section 14 of the Wills Act 2007 (Act), to declare a draft Will in a standard form and Will questionnaire as the valid Will of Mr Huurdeman.